• Image of AJFA - Vol.3 / King Of Asgard Combo

Only 1 available!!! This combo is to support the printing of "...And Justice For Art - Volume 3." It includes:

-Executive Producer Credit
-Free signed copy of the book (Volume 3)
-Exclusive Gift together with the book
-King Of Asgard band postcard
-King Of Asgard guitar pick
-2 King Of Asgard logo stickers
-King Of Asgard patch
-King Of Asgard artwork postcard
-Archaios CD
-Free Shipping

The combo ships together with the book "...And Justice For Art - Volume 3" between September/October, 2020 after the book is printed. If you have any questions, contact us to: andjusticeforart@gmail.com

Coming Soon